Laser Ultrasonic

For research and industrial applications

When conventional ultrasound cannot do the job, when remote inspection of moving parts is needed, laser ultrasound may be the solution. At the core of laser ultrasound system is the laser ultrasonic receiver

Bossa Nova Technologies proposes 2 different laser ultrasonic receivers, TEMPO and QUARTET.

Research applications


TEMPO has been designed for precise laboratory experiment. It can measure in-plane and out-of-plane surface displacement with ultra sensitivity (Detection of sub-nm displacement), high frequency (up to 1 GHz) and excellent spatial resolution (down to 10 micrometer diameter spot on the sample).

Industrial applications


QUARTET has been developed for industrial applications. Rugged, compact and insensitive to external perturbation, QUARTET allows the acquisition of ultrasonic signal in difficult industrial environment (On-line measurement on hot moving sample for example). 


Based on QUARTET, we developed a remote and turnkey system for thickness measurement of materials : Quartet Laser Thickness Gauge (QUARTET LTG).