SAMBA is a polarization-difference digital camera. Compact and robust, SAMBA has all the attributes of a regular digital video camera (easy operation, point & shoot, firewire connection) plus the polarization analysis capability.

Polarization difference camera is mainly used in ACTIVE imaging configuration, where the scene is illuminated by a controlled source. Measurement with SAMBA requires a totally polarized illumination in order to take full advantage of its performances.

Coupled with a dedicated software, SAMBA allows the analysis of the scattering properties of objects. It is designed for the measurement of the gloss of textured objects with complex 3d shape and can be defined as an imaging glossmeter. SAMBA delivers gloss degree images related to the human visual assessment and gloss images related to the surface quality. Its field of applications is very wide and ranges from cosmetic testing (skin, hair, lips, nails, ...) to gloss measurement of industrial parts.

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